Maison Gabriel Meffre

We have only to look back in time to see how the company has evolved since its beginnings as a small family business of just ten hectares of vines founded by Gabriel Meffre & his wife in 1936, and its spectacular rise to the status of ‘Négociant-Eleveur’ in Gigondas.

Almost 80 years on, the Gabriel Meffre Winery has become a leading regional winery in the production and commercialisation of fine wines from the Rhone Valley, Provence and Languedoc. The Gabriel Meffre name is now known not only in France but in more than 50 countries around the world.


Needless to say, the Gigondas appellation has a special place amongst our wine references. The village remains the soul of our Winery and is our historic cradle. Some 400,000 bottles of Gigondas wine are produced per year and each vintage reflects its own character, combining elegance and respect for the land and its traditions.

Caveau Gabriel Meffre
Domaine de Longue Toque

344 Route de Sablet


Caveau de dégustation
04 90 12 30 21

Cuvées de Gigondas

LAURUS – Parcel Selection

Laurus means « Laurel » in Latin, a Roman symbol of excellence.
Excellence is all about “terroir” : we select plots for their ability to express the very best of each appellation and which will produce great wines.

The term “terroir” encompasses a soil, a climate and people : for more than 20 years, we have developped sustainables partnerships with winegrowers who share our vision. Their skills combined to our savoir-faire allow us to produce complex wines with plenty of character and long cellaring potential.


GABRIEL MEFFRE – Our Signature wines


Delicious and savoury from day one: this is the commitment of our Gabriel Meffre “signature” wines. For each appellation and in keeping with the characteristics of the vintage, our know-how is recognisable through our experienced blending of terroirs and grape varieties; through our careful maturing favouring purity o fruit and silkyness of texture. Already enjoyable in their first years after bottling, the Crus also have a good aging potential.

Semper Voluptas "May wine always be a pleasure !"