For over 180 years, Maison Delas Frères has been lovingly crafting high-quality fine wines from the Rhône Valley, with a focus on the northern part of the region (Hermitage, Côte-Rôtie, Crozes-Hermitage, Cornas, Saint-Joseph, etc.). The wines of Domaines Delas Frères, the single-vineyard selections from the wine estates, reflect Delas’ “âme vigneronne” (winegrower’s soul) and illustrate its ethos of highlighting and respecting the terroirs.
Founded in Tournon-sur-Rhone in 1835 and associated with the Deutz Champagne House since 1977, when it was acquired by the latter, Delas Frères was given a new release of life from the mid-1990s.

Under the management of Fabrice Rosset, President and CEO since 1996, and due to his determination to take the company to the next level of excellence, they embarked on a major restructuration with numerous investments: harvest handling facilities, vatroom, high-tech equipment and new ageing cellars in Saint-Jean-de-Muzols, the rebuilding of the dry-stone walls on the Hermitage hills, the replacement of 7,000 vines and the consolidation of the vineyards with the purchase of several plots.
In 2006, the acquisition of nearly 20 hectares in the Crozes-Hermitage appellation took the total surface area of the company’s vineyards to around 30 hectares.

The final stage in this journey was the crossing of the mythical bridge between the two local capitals, Tournon-sur-Rhône and Tain L’Hermitage.
In 2019, Delas Frères embarked on a new chapter in its history with a new prestigious address and premises in Tain-l’Hermitage, which are in perfect harmony with the surrounding vineyards. This site is equipped with new “state of the art” facilities, essential for the enhancement of Delas Frères’ quality and image: grape harvest and vinification vatroom, barrel cellars, reception cellar and a hospitality facility (an 11-bedroomed townhouse), all designed by talented architect, Carl-Fredrik Svendsted.

Together it is a place in which tradition meets modernity, nature meets architecture and culture meets serenity resulting in a truly unique experience that will strike a chord with hedonists and wine lovers.

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