Gigondas Experience in Berlin

The Gigondas producers and négociants are holding a trade-only tasting on Monday November 20, 2017 at the French Embassy in Berlin.

German wine trade members – cavistes, chefs, sommeliers, restaurant owners, as well as journalists – will be able to meet the producers and taste the current vintages in an exceptional venue in the centre of Berlin.

During the day’s tasting a masterclass entitled “Le Nez du Gigondas”  will be held, presented by Éditions Jean Lenoir, the publishing house behind the Le Nez du Vin aroma kits: Editions Jean Lenoir has teamed up with a French appellation body to create a made-to-measure kit called Le Nez du Gigondas.

The Gigondas appellation is presenting this sensory workshop to illustrate the importance of the sense of smell in the context of wine tasting, and the aromatic complexity of its wines. Participants will taste six Gigondas wines with different aromatic profiles, from younger and older vintages.

Louis Barruol (AOC Gigondas President) and Léa Desportes (Training Manager, Editions Jean Lenoir) will lead this playful, sensory experience which will enable participants to: 

– associate an aroma with its aromatic family. Learn to search your olfactive memory banks and use aromatic family classification terms to identify an aroma.

– distinguish between scents and aromas, direct and indirect olfaction (ie. understand the difference between the ortho-nasal and retro-nasal passages, and how they complement each other in providing olfactive information).

– identify a wine by its aromas, ie. understand how a wine’s aromatic profile can provide information about its grape varieties, vinification, maturing process or indeed age.

Practical information:

Attending the tasting and workshop is free but participants must sign up in advance.

To sign up:

Contact : +49 721 91245-160/

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